The Bridge '360 Degree Review' Program

The 360 Degree Review Program is designed to conduct a fast tracked diagnostic, benchmark and assessment of your organisation. We focus our review on The Bridge Triple Play Philosophy - culture, customer and commercials.


Program Health Check

The Bridge International provides a comprehensive assessment (health Check) of program delivery performance benchmark against best practice

Program Benchmarking.png

Partnering Review Program

Our Partner Effectiveness Health Check and Assessment is designed to measure the effectiveness of an operational/ strategic partnership to assess the core elements which makes up a best practice partnership.


 Moments that Matter Review 

The Bridge's 'Moments that Matter' Customer Journey review process map's out key customer touch points ​and identifies key Moments that Matter, within your service offering. We use our Triple Play Philosophy to benchmark Culture, Customer and Commercials

Customer Journey.png

Program Routines and Governance

Effective governance routines serve a purpose, but in order to navigate through organisational complexity they must be flexible and not overengineered.  We use highly visual routines that fast track inaitive delivery by creating an enviroment of accountablity and collaboration. Good routines fast track initiative delivery through creating an environment of accountability and collaboration. They are quick and focused on progressing desired outcomes.


Reporting Hierarchy Review

Do you have all the data in the world but you find it hard to understand your performance? Is all your data sitting with analysts? If the answer is yes, The Bridge Reporting Hierarchy review will  help you understand and identify KPI's that your business needs to monitor at various levels within your organisation. 

We will provide recommendations on reporting measures as well as operating routines, which support performance within your business.