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Types of Services offered

  • P&L deep dives

  • Channel economics

  • Pricing and commercial recommendations 

  • Cost and claims optimisation reviews

  • Vendor and partner recommendations

  • KPI and report hierarchy review

  • Report design and implementation

  • Portfolio strategies

  • KRA and balanced scorecard review (right targets for right roles)

To learn more or to have a chat about Commercial Services please contact our Practice Lead, Stuart Brown

The Bridge International has a number of Commercial Service offerings tailored to support any business.


Often we see businesses which are data rich and insights poor despite significant investment in technology, security and systems. With so much data available its easy to get overwhelmed and suffer from analysis paralysis.

Having run large scale businesses and P&L's, our team has a unique talent to quickly assess multiple sources of data and determine the metrics that matter. We use these combined with qualitative insights to identify key drivers of performance. We can clearly tell the story of past performance, but are able to more importantly inform future business strategy

We can work right across your business from analysts to the C-suite to simplify the most complex, big data sources to discover the critical insights and solve key business challenges.

The Bridge Reporting Hierarchy Review


The Bridge Reporting Hierarchy Review

Do you have all the data in the world but you find it hard to understand your performance? Is all your data sitting with analysts? If the answer is yes, The Bridge Reporting Hierarchy review will  help you understand and identify KPI's that your business needs to monitor at various levels within your organisation. 

We will provide recommendations on reporting measures as well as operating routines, which support performance within your business.


Our Approach and Output

We tailor our approach to ensure it is fit for purpose for the business and/ or functional area. 

We find the right KPI's for the right audience from team manager to executive leader to ensure alignment of performance drivers right across the organisation.

The review will provide:

  1. A framework for setting up appropriate performance management reports across the organisation and/ or business unit

  2. Input to key metrics to be monitored at each level

  3. A report delivery road map