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Supporting your future workforce strategy – Bridge by Design, a complementary review and thought provoker to get you started

Organisations today face an unprecedented amount of unknowns and uncertainty and many should be genuinely proud of how they’ve worked through COVID – from reacting to the initial impact and then recovering as fast as possible. We believe the time is right to move from reaction and recovery to revitalising. As we move out of lockdowns and imposed restrictions, leaders have a unique opportunity to rethink the future workforce and making deliberate choices that are fit for purpose for its people, its customers and the bottom line.


As a leader, this is an exciting prospect, but it’s also a hugely important thing to get right. There’s no one size fits all – it’s absolutely about understanding what’s right for you and your organisation. Getting an external perspective can be an invaluable resource to get you started. It can help shine the light on strengths and blind spots and work through what the truly critical points are – the Moments That Matter.


At The Bridge, doing things by design, not accident is something we’re truly passionate about. We’re a team of experienced business executives who use our Triple Play framework to review the performance of organisations across Culture, Customer and Commercials.


We’re offering a limited number of complementary reviews to help leaders get started on designing the future of their workforce. We call this workforce strategy methodology Bridge by Design.


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Our Methodology

Once we’ve worked through the brief and timing, we’ll collaborate with you and your team to collate a snapshot of qualitative and quantitative insights across your business. Ultimately, we’ll provide you with a report with our observations and recommendations on how to move forward.

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1. Diagnostic 

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We apply a fast track diagnostic approach by way of our Triple Play methodology covering the cultural, customer and commercial aspects of your business. Our diagnostic will deliver a snapshot of insights across your business relevant to designing your future workforce strategy.

Qualitative and quantitative inputs may include:

  1. Confidential online survey

  2. Individual interviews with key representatives

  3. Frontline focus groups

  4. Internal metrics review across a balanced scorecard

2. Assessment

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We use our Triple Play scorecard to assess your organisation’s performance and establish areas of strengths and opportunity, which are then leveraged to identify strategic priorities and related recommendations.

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3. Presentation

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We’ll present our findings and recommendations to you and any members of your team in a way that works for you. We’ll share insights and stories to help challenge and ignite creative thinking on how to shape the future of your workforce by design.

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